Can I buy these products online?

Yes, Make Your Own products are available online exclusively through the Range website here.

I bought a 'Make Your Own' Wine Kit and equipment starter kit. Can this be used for brewing anything other than Wine?

Yes, one of the advantages of the 'Make Your Own' system is that it can be used to brew any of our beer, wine & cider kits using all the same equipment.

Why is cleaning & sterilization so important?
Because spoilage bacteria are everywhere and will ruin your wine.
My Rose or Red Wine kit contains a Finings B sachet marked 'White', is this ok to add to my wine at stage 13 of the instructions?

Yes, unfortunately a printing error has meant that a number of sachets were incorrectly marked 'White' when in fact they are suitable for all.

What temperature do you have to keep the fermentation at?
The perfect temperature is 'warm room temperature' between 20-25C constant day and night. If the temperature drops too low then fermentation will slow down and perhaps even stop completely. If the room temperature is above 25C wine quality will be reduced. Above 30C can kill the yeast. Good temperature control and thorough sterilization are the two golden rules to homebrewing.
My fermentation bucket is full of foam, is this normal?
All fermentations will foam to some degree. If it does foam out of the lid then wipe with disposable tissue and push the lid down but DO NOT SEAL. Always place fermenter on a washable surface in case of foam over.
Why is it taking so long to ferment?

Providing you used 5 litres boiling water at the start, the most likely reason for a slow fermentation is where the temperature dropped below 20C at some time during the fermentation period. Check room temperature especially first thing in the morning and make sure the fermenter is not standing on a cold floor. The second most likely reason would be if the stabilizer sachet has been added too soon-check you still have this for addition after fermentation.

I have brewed the wine in the fermenter for the 7 days specified in the instructions. How do I know if it is ready to transfer to the wine bottles?
As long as you have followed the instructions and kept the wine at the recommended temperature then your wine will be ready to transfer. It is important to taste the wine - it should taste bone dry and not taste sweet. Also there should be no bubbles rising to the top of the liquid. If in doubt, leave it to ferment for an extra 3 days then repeat tasting.
Why won't my wine clear?
Your wine should be clear within 3 days of adding the last finings sachet. If it takes longer then it's likely the wine was not fully de-gassed (see instructions) or the wine had not finished fermenting in the bucket (yeast doesn't drop out if sugars are still around). Be patient, it will eventually clear but could take up to two weeks.
What do I do if I disturb the sediment when trying to siphon?
Unfortunately the only thing to do is to leave your wine to re-settle for 24 hours and then try again.
How should I store my Wine?
Your wine should be stored in a cool dark place. Laying the wine down will ensure it stays in optimal condition.
I have made a batch of 'Make Your Own' Wine but will be away from home for some while, how long will the wine keep in the bottles?

We reccommend drinking your wine within 3 months of making for best results, however it will be fine to drink for up to 12 months.

My wine tastes like vinegar. What have I done wrong?
You have found the most common problem that can occur when brewing your own wine. Your wine has become contaminated by bacteria. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to save this batch, please throw it away. To avoid this problem it is vital that great care is taken to sterilize all equipment used during the fermentation and bottling process.
Are the wine kits suitable for vegetarians?

Unfortunately the wine kits aren’t suitable for vegetarians. It is the finings used in the 3 wine kits that make them unsuitable. The gelatine used in is not vegetarian, it is of porcine (pig) origin. Also, where we're using chitosan, this is derived from crustaceans so also not vegetarian. All other ingredients are suitable for vegetarians.

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