If you have not syphoned before please take the time to follow these instructions carefully. The ‘Make Your Own’ syphon kit makes transferring your beer, wine or cider as easy as possible without disturbing the sediment.

Assembling your syphon kit
Push the cylindrical sediment trap onto one end of the rigid tube then push the flexible tubing over the other end of the rigid tube (it helps to heat the end flexible tubing in hot water to increase its malleability), the flexible tubing should be pushed over the rigid tube by between 25-30mm (1 inch). Push the tap onto the other end of the flexible syphon tube leaving the tap position open.

Now attach the red bucket clip so that it sits at the top of the rigid tube covering both the flexible and rigid tubessee illustration. The position is important to ensure the sediment trap is in the right position when siphoning, if the trap is too low then sediment can be transferred when syphoning but if the trap is too high then the bucket will need to be tilted towards the end of siphoning to get the last clear liquid transferred out of the bucket.

How to syphon
The bucket must be at an elevated position ideally 70-80cm off the floor. To avoid disturbing the sediment its best to start fermentation with the bucket in this elevated position to save having to lift the heavy bucket after fermentation and risk disturbing the sediment. Bottles and syphon kit should be sterilized before bottling. Bottling should be done on a washable floor or suitable tray to catch any spillage. Carefully and slowly lower the rigid syphon tube down into the bucket and attach the bucket clip to the top of the bucket. Crouch down below the bucket and suck the syphon tube (in one go…do not stop!) until you see the liquid flow – then quickly put the syphon tube into your first empty bottle. The liquid should now be flowing from the bucket into the bottle. If it returns to the bucket it means you didn’t suck for long enough. Fill the bottle leaving 5cm from liquid level to very top of bottle, then close the syphon tap before transferring the syphon tube to fill the next bottle. As the bucket liquid level drops towards the sediment trap, having a second person tilt the bucket slightly is useful.