Tried and tested by master brewers

It's the best homebrew beer kit i've ever tasted

With over 20 years experience in the homebrew industry, we decided it was about time that we“shook things” up a little and developed a fresh, innovative “Make Your Own” drinks system that is simple, cost effective and importantly lets you produce your very own alcohol of commercial quality at home!

Long gone are the days of garden sheds, smelly homebrew and bad tasting drinks! The “Make Your Own” range is exciting, fresh and a world first for the industry, from its unique ingredients to the innovative packaging design!

Our kits have been developed by leading drinks experts and through a combination of our passion for good quality beer, wine and cider and our extensive knowledge of brewing, we are pleased to bring you the “Make Your Own” Drinks range.

All Make Your Own products are produced by UK based homebrew manufacturer, SPL International.