Dark Berry Cider

This kit contains all the ingredients you need to make 40 x 500ml bottles (20 litres) delicious dark berry cider.

The tart berry flavours in this cider complement the crisp and sweet apple base. This style is particularly popular among cider houses large and small as the end result is packed full of fruity flavours and pours a brilliant, bright purple colour. This kit allows you to make your very own dark berry cider at home which you'll want to share with your friends and family so they can experience the intense berry flavours themselves. Average ABV of this drink is 5.2%.


This Dark Berry Cider Kit Includes:

  • Fruit Juice Concentrate Blend
  • Dark Berry Cider Flavouring
  • Cider Yeast & Nutrient
  • Sweetener

You'll also need:

  • MYO Fermentation Bucket (30L)
  • 1KG MYO Dextrose Sugar
  • Mixing Paddle, Siphon, MYO Equipment Sanitiser and Thermometer Strip (included in MYO Equipment Starter Kit)
  • 40 x 500ml reusable cider bottles (such as MYO Swing-top bottles)
  • Granulated Sugar (to carbonate cider)
More Information
Tasting Notes An easy-drinking, apple-based cider bursting with dark berry flavours, blackberry, blackcurrant and blueberry.
Average ABV 5.2%
Colour Deep Purple