Rosé Wine

This kit contains all the ingredients you need to make 30 x 750ml bottles (22.5 litres) medium sweet rosé wine.

White and red grape juices are blended into this kit's juice concentrate pouch, giving this wine a balanced traditional rosé flavour, and the addition of other fruit juices create a medium sweet style. Sachets of finings included allow you to make a crystal-clear wine with peachy orange colour. Also included are oak chips, and a yeast & nutrient sachet to achieve an average abv of 11.8%.

This popular style is easy to make, but not so easy to share!


This Rosé Wine Kit Includes:

  • Grape Juice Concentrate Blend
  • Wine Yeast & Nutrient
  • Oak Chips
  • Finings Sachets
  • Stabiliser

You'll also need:

  • MYO Fermentation Bucket (30L)
  • 4KG MYO Dextrose Sugar
  • Mixing Paddle, Siphon, MYO Equipment Sanitiser and Thermometer Strip (included in MYO Equipment Starter Kit)
  • An additional 600g Granulated Sugar
  • 30 x 750ml Wine Bottles
  • 30 Corks & Corker / Screw Caps
More Information
Tasting Notes A light, fruity, medium-sweet rosé with a peachy-orange hue. Well balanced sweetness and acidity, with subtle apple and strawberry notes.
Average ABV 11.8%
Colour Peachy Orange