We've written a few useful articles about making alcoholic drinks, fermentation and some of the science behind it.

You'll also find some ideas for putting your own twist on MYO products by adding some new flavours to your drink.

Common Errors to Avoid PT3

The final part of our Most Common Errors to avoid continues with another winemaking related error, a lthough it can happen with beers and ciders too… 5. Adding sachets in the wrong order In yo

Common Errors to Avoid PT2

Most common errors PT2 In Part 2 of our Most Common Errors to avoid when making your own wine, beer or cider, we cover some more of those annoying mistakes that can ruin the whole process! Luckily, t

AYO Twists - White Wine with Elderflower

AYO Twists - Elderflower White Wine Want to play around a bit with your MYO kit? Great! We’ve com e up with a few Twists for wine, beer and cider that you can try for yourself or use as inspiration

AYO Twists - Irish Stout with Coffee

AYO Twists - Coffee Stout For the second instalment of Add Your Own Twist, we’ve gone with a clas sic combination of coffee and stout, using MYO Irish Stout kit and some good quality ground coffee/w

How Siphoning Works

How Siphoning Works Once your wine, beer or cider has finished fermenting and it comes to the ‘ex citing’ bottling stage, there are a few methods to choose from to transfer it into your bottles. T

AYO Twists - Cider with a Twist of Hops

AYO Twist - Hopped Apple Cider With more and more craft ciders popping up in your local superm arkets, you will have seen all sorts of unusual variations in an attempt to stand out from the crowd

The 'H' Word

THE H WORD ‘Homebrew’…it’s a word that conjures up all sorts of thoughts and images. Most p eople I’ve spoken to (outside of geeky beer circles) either don’t know what it means or recall s

Common Errors to Avoid

Most common errors Part 1 Whilst we aim to make your drinks-making process as simple and easy to follow as possible, there are a few areas where even the slightest mistake can affect, or even ru

Our Carbon Footprint

Our Carbon Footprint Whether it’s extinction rebellion, single use plastics or Greta Thunberg’s latest campaign, the burning issue that is Climate Change is giving Brexit a run for its money in t

MYO Rebrand

MYO Rebrand   MYO went through some big changes in 2019 and unless you’ re a first time MYO customer, you’ll no doubt have noticed the new branding, packaging and indeed