AYO Twists - Elderflower White Wine

Want to play around a bit with your MYO kit? Great! We’ve come up with a few Twists for wine, beer and cider that you can try for yourself or use as inspiration for your own recipe. The first Twist is to add elderflower to your white wine. Let us know how you get on or if you have any of your own recipes in the comments section.

White Wine with an Elderflower Twist

Elderflower is a popular flavour in wine either as an addition or the main flavour. In fact, if you want to go this extra step, you can make elderflower wine from scratch relatively easily with a quick Google search and some simple ingredients.

But here we’re looking at elderflower as an addition to the MYO White Wine kit. We’ve picked white wine as it works best as a base and will complement the flavour of elderflower better than rosé or red.

You can pick elderflower if it’s in season, or get dried elderflower from many online retailers, such as: https://brew2bottle.co.uk/products/ritchies-dried-elderflowers-50g

Dried elderflower is more concentrated in flavour than the fresh flowers, so you need to be careful with the dosage. We recommend adding 25g of the dried elderflower into your fermentation bucket 4 days into fermentation, to give them 3 days to infuse your wine. You can add them in loose, or in a muslin bag so they’re easy to take out, but make sure the bag is big enough to allow the flowers to move around. It shouldn’t be a problem if they go in loose, just be careful when siphoning that they don’t clog up the sediment trap. Stir the wine once a day whichever method you use.

We also suggest adding more sugar than the 150g in step 12 of our instructions, as elderflower wine tends to be a sweeter wine. However, this is completely down to personal preference, so add sugar in increments until desired sweetness level is achieved.

And there you have it! Follow rest of the instructions as usual and you’ll have your very own elderflower infused white wine in just 3 weeks!